Skin Lighting & Body Contouring by X-Wave

X Wave is the latest Acoustic Wave Therapy System Technology, which is in the field of aesthetics,
This radial acoustic soft wave was successfully modified for the clinical needs of cellulite and therapy
also for the treatment of other aesthetic conditions. Thus X-WAVE becomes a cellulite treatment
the best non-invasive in the beauty field at the moment.
How it works X Wave:
With acoustic wave therapy it has a multilayer effect that causes complex
increased blood supply due to new capillary growth and micro-increase
circulation, also oxygen supply and metabolic rate in the treated area. Wave
absorbed into relaxed and stretched so that the firmness and elasticity of the dermis
increased. Blood circulation and collagen production in tissues are stimulated significantly.
Acoustic pulses induce fibroblast proliferation. This process leads to new creation, and
thicken the collagen band. Mechanical stimulation of the lymphatic vascular system causes reduction
edema and better elimination of lipids from subdermal fat cells.
Benefits of X-WAVE Treatment:
- Chronic anti-cellulite therapy
- Tightening of connecting networks
- Skin rejuvenation and increase elasticity
- The appearance of stretch marks decreases
- Minimize unsightly scars
Treatment time:
I need more than 30 minutes, adjusted according to the area of ??treatment.
Areas that can be treated:
1. Thigh (thigh
2. Abdomen
3. Buttock
4. Leg
5. Hand

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