Laser Rejuvenation Non Ablative

It is one of the most effective and most popular non-surgical cosmetic medical procedures to deal with the problem of skin aging. This procedure is perfect for someone who wants skin to look brighter, smoother and firmer in a quick time through safe procedures.
What is non-ablative laser rejuvenation?
Non-ablative laser rejuvenation is a laser procedure used to treat the problem of fine wrinkles, mild to moderate acne scars, large skin pores, rough skin texture and also for pigmentation problems due to ultraviolet light exposure and increasing age, without causing damage or injury to the upper skin (epidermis).
How does this laser work?
Laser light emitted in the laser rejuvenation procedure will stimulate the formation of new collagen in the dermis layer without causing damage to the overlying skin layer (epidermis), so it does not require healing time (minimal downtime). The results obtained are changes in skin texture becomes smoother and gradually fading skin pigmentation.
Can this procedure be combined with other medical cosmetic procedures?
This non-ablative laser rejuvenation procedure can be combined with other cosmetic cosmetic procedures such as injection of botulinum toxin (botox), chemical peel, percutaneous collagen induction (dermalpunch) and microdermabrasion if needed.
How long does this laser procedure last? Is it painful?
This procedure only takes about 3-15 minutes, depending on the area. Some people will feel a bit painful like being bitten by an ant or being stapled with rubber, so that it requires topical anesthetic cream for more than 60 minutes before the laser procedure. No painkillers needed.
What are the benefits after doing this procedure?
    –  Effective for dealing with pigmentation problems and suitable for all skin types.
    –  Can smooth scar tissue and fine wrinkles.
    –  Improve skin texture and smooth the size of skin pores.
    –  Minimal downtime, can immediately move.
    – Relatively painless.

What side effects might occur after this procedure?

The side effects of this action are almost non-existent. After the action usually will appear redness on the skin that will disappear within 24 hours. Post-inflammatory (HPI) abrasions and hyperpigmentation can be temporary and will usually gradually disappear with the use of treatment creams. Laser rejuvenation procedure is a procedure that does not require healing time so that the patient can immediately resume their normal activities.
What is needed after this procedure?
There is no special treatment after this procedure. If there is redness, the doctor will give a mild anti-irritation cream or repair cream for several days. Don't forget to always apply sunscreen to minimize the effects of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (HPI).
What areas of the body can this procedure do?
Laser rejuvenation can be done on the face, hands, neck and chest area.

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