Smartlipo Sculpture

Smartlipo is medical therapy with local anesthesia which is the latest technology that uses the Nd: YAG 1064 nm laser, produced by Deka, Italy, which can destroy excess fat deposits (lipolysis) in certain body areas (local fat deposits) that interfere with appearance.


How does Smartlipo work?

Smartlipo is a laser lipolysis that works by breaking down the cell walls of fat (adipocytes) that are under the skin (subcutaneously) and the liquid fat will be metabolized by the body itself and will come out through lymphatics.
What is the difference between Smartlipo and liposuction that already exists today?
Although the goal is the same, namely to shed body fat, but the process is different. Liposuction is done by surgery so that the 3-4 mm sized cannula can enter and remove the fat attached to the skin wall.
Whereas Smartlipo only poked a syringe with a length of about 10 cm (as needed) and a diameter of 1 mm connected by optical fiber to the body of the laser machine to melt the fat. Because of the small diameter of the needle, bleeding injuries can be avoided. How it works Smartlipo is also much faster and practical because it utilizes laser power, so it can be done on the sidelines of lunch time (lunch-time procedure) with minimal side effects.
Apakah prosedur Smartlipo aman?
Smartlipo digunakan untuk menghilangkan penumpukan lemak yang terlokalisir. Prosedur ini sangat aman dan nyaman bagi pasien karena hanya menggunakan bius lokal (anestesi tumescent), sehingga dokter bisa mengontrol kedalaman laser pada lemak. Selain itu, panas yang dihasilkan oleh laser menyebabkan koagulasi darah selama prosedur sehingga dapat dihindari perdarahan yang banyak dan embuli.
Which parts of the body can Smartlipo do?
The main target of Smartlipo is localized fat, such as in the stomach, hips, buttocks, thighs, and arms.
What to do after the Smartlipo procedure? Can you do activities directly?
The areas of the body that have been cleared are bound using Smart Bandage for small areas such as calves or arms, while for large areas such as the abdomen, buttocks and thighs a corset is used. The use of corsets is recommended for 1-2 months. In addition patients are encouraged to combine with diet and exercise. After the Smartlipo procedure, patients can immediately carry out their activities as usual, except activities that require fast movements such as sports.
It is better if the right time to do Smartlipo?
When a part of your body starts to get fatty and you have been on a diet or exercise but there are still some body parts that have not yet formed. In addition, the patient is in good health, meaning that there is no disease that requires serious treatment. If a disease is found, it should be cured first.
What must be done before doing Smartlipo?
Complete laboratory examination and examination of heart record, to determine the condition of your body and rule out the possibility of a serious illness. In addition, patients will get an explanation of the Smartlipo procedure before signing an informed consent letter.
How much fat is burned for once Smartlipo action?
In one process, 250 grams of fat can be burned.
How long does it take and what initial reaction is felt after undergoing Smartlipo?
Depending on the volume of fat to be removed. But usually the process will run 1 to 2 hours. During the liposuction process, the patient does not feel anything because the area where the needle has been pierced has been anesthetized locally. Meanwhile, after completing Smartlipo, the patient's stomach will feel full. This is a normal reaction, because the fat that has been destroyed turns into liquid and the nature of the liquid is looking for the lowest point. Stomach will feel a little uncomfortable, but this only lasts about 3 days and will disappear by itself.
How to deal with excess skin after Smartlipo? Can cellulite be removed by this procedure?
Excess skin that arises after the Smartlipo procedure can be treated using Tri Active Body Shaping. In addition to increasing skin elasticity and firmness, Tri Active can also eliminate cellulite on the skin, because cellulite cannot be removed by liposuction or lipolysis with Smartlipo. Tri Active is done as soon as possible ie 2 weeks after Smartlipo. Tri Active technology is a combination of vacuum laser and cooling that works to repair damaged blood vessels so that it becomes good, so that oxygen intake to the skin also runs normally and accelerates the metabolism of fat that has been destroyed by laser light through the lymph flow. Tri Active Body Shaping has the advantage of being painless, does not require body stocking so the patient feels more comfortable.


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