RF Indiba

What is Indiba?
Actions to facilitate lymph flow and remove visceral fat (lower abdominal fat), using the radio frequency method.
What are the biological benefits for our body?
Because there is an increase in body temperature, the body's metabolism and blood flow will also increase. The healing process will start and the body will produce new cells to replace old cells that have been damaged
How to?
The trick is like a massage. Your skin is cleaned, given a little special cream and the tip of the radiofrequency tool is rubbed repeatedly on the skin.
What will happen?
You feel warm and pleasant like a massage. Many patients fall asleep. However, the body's cells seem to get new energy and will make the skin tighter.
What other objectives?
In addition to tightening and brightening the face, indiba is also used to speed healing such as bruising after cosmetic surgery, for example after liposuction or other surgery.
Also indiba is very good for destroying the fat in the stomach that is adjacent to the intestine (visceral fat), so that regular use will streamline the stomach.

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